Restaurant Kibe Mahala

Enjoy fine Bosnian dishes
in exceptional surroundings

Providing stunning panoramic views of Sarajevo and the surrounding mountains, the restaurant Kibe Mahala offers a selection of the finest Bosnian national dishes and a wide assortment of wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Located on a hillside of Sarajevo, the restaurant Kibe Mahala is just a few minutes' drive from the city centre.

Its outstanding reputation and the quality of its service have been continually built and improved since its opening in March 1988, as a result of hard work of the whole Vreto family, led by their head Sakib Vreto, also known as Kibe.

Over the years, this widely known establishment has welcomed prominent figures from all over the world, representing all spheres of the society: statesmen and politicians, representatives of international organisations, artists of international renown, and many others.

Our friendly staff are always ready to meet any guest's wishes, which also contributes to our reputation. A tasty meal in one of the seven sections of the restaurant and a magnificent view of Sarajevo are also accompanied by two guitar players, ready to play any music requested by the guests.

If you would like to spend a comfortable time in the restaurant Kibe, it is advisable you reserve your places in advance at the telephone number +387 33 441 936 or cell: +387 61 040 000.
If you come without prior notice, you should ring the bell, as the restaurant is always locked. If there will be free places, you will be kindly served.
We accept payment by cash and credit cards Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard. Restaurant Kibe Mahala is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm, except Sunday.



Home made broth
(Sour noodles, tomato and minced meat)
Creamy Nettle soup
(Nettle, sour cream, spices)
Cold Appetizer
Smoked trout on arugula with toast
(Smoked trout, argula)
Main Courses
Spit roast lamb (House Speciality)
(Traditional way of cooking)
Roasted and seasoned lamb liver
(Fresh lamb liver, pepper, onion, salt, oil)
Roasted and seasoned fresh veal
(Fresh small peaces of veal, paprika, pepper, onion, salt, oil)
Sliced veal with vegetables
(Sliced veal, paprika, tomato, chilly peppers, pepper, onion, oil)
Sliced chicken with vegetables
(Sliced chicken, aprika, tomato, chilly peppers, pepper, onion, oil)
Meatloafs in cream sauce
(Minced meat, salt)
Home made pasta filled with seasonal minced meat
(Home made pasta, minced meat, garlic)
Hadžijski ćevap / Veal
(Seasoned veal and fresh mushroom chops in white sour cream based sauce)
Hadžijski ćevap / Chicken
(Seasoned chicken and fresh mushroom chops in white sour cream based sauce)
Cabbage rolls
(Minced meat, rice, salt, pepper)
(Onion, minced meat, rice, salt, pepper)
Mushrooms in cream
(Fresh mushrooms, cream, salt)
Home made pasta
(Home made pasta, butter and fresh sheep cheese)
Fried trout filet
(Trout filet, rice, spinach)
Fried veal steak
(Veal steak, salt)
Roasted veal shank in veal fondue
(Veal shank, baked potatoes)
Strips of Beef filet Mignon with Mustard sauce
(Beef filet Mignon, onion, mushrooms, pickles, mustard, mashed potatoes)
Side Dishes
(Sour cream, fresh sheep cheese)
(Spinach with milk, rice, butter, garlic and salt)
Vegetarian platter
(Zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, carrots, paprika, tomato)
Roast potato
(Potato, salt, oil)
French fries
(Potato, salt, oil)
(Green salad, onion, paprika, tomato, cucumber, radish, carrot, parsley, cabbage, oil, salt, vinegar)
Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan
(Arugula, cherry tomatoes, slices of Parmesan)
Marinated bell peppers
(Paprika, garlic, herbs, olive oil)
Onion chops in sour cream and salt dressing
(Green onion, sour cream, salt)
Cucumber chops in sour cream and salt dressing
(Cucumber, sour cream, salt)
Scoop of Ice cream
(Vanilla, chocolate, or lemon)
Apple pie
(Apple, walnuts)
(Sweet pastry threads, walnuts)
(Date shaped pastry drenched in sweet syrup)
Chocolate cake (gluten-free)
(Dark chocolate, almonds, coffee, non-alcoholic rum, whipped cream, raspberries)

Wine list

Dry white wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Žilavka Brkić
(2014, 0,75 l)
Žilavka Keža
(2014, 0,75 l)
Žilavka Vilinka
(2014, 0,75 l)
Žilavka Carska - Podrum Grge Vasilja
(2014, 0,75 l)
Žilavka Zadro
(2014, 0,75 l)
Žilavka Vukoje
(2014, 0,75 l)
Brkić Mjesečar Žilavka
(Brkić Biodinamično vino 2013)
Žilavka Carska - Podrum Grge
(Izborna berba 2013)
Jungić Temjanika
Dry white wines from Croatia and Serbia
Vrbnička Žlatina
Kutjevo Graševina
Krauthaker Graševina
Rizman Pošip
Kozlović Malvazija
Bolfan Eco Riesling
Bolfan Breg
Galić Graševina
Galić Bijelo 9
Benvenuti Malvazija
Dry white wines from Slovenia and Macedonia
Belica Chardonnay
Edi Simčić Rebula
Zanut Sauvignon Blanc
Šćurek Sivi Pinot
Edi Simčić Tokata
Verus Chardonnay
Verus Sauvignon Blanc
Red wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Keža Blatina
Grga Vasilj Carska Blatina
Anđelić Tribun
Vukoje Vranac
Keža Cabernet Sauvignon
Brkić Plava Greda
Vukoje Burgundac Crni
Parežanin Respect
Red wines from Serbia and Macedonia
Chateau Kamnik Syrah Ten Barrels
Tikveš Barovo
Aleksić Amanet
Aleksić Nostalgija
Chateau Kamnik Vranac Terroir
Red wines from Slovenia and Croatia
Belica Merlot
Edi Simćič Duet
Movia Modri Pinot
Marjan Simčić Teodor Rdeće
Movia Veliko Rdeče
Ščurek Stara Brajda
Rizman Plavac Mali Primus
Verus Pinot Noir
Plenković Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru
Red wines from Italy, Spain, and the New World
Antinori Tignanello
Carpineto Chianti Classico Riserva
Carpineto Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano
Davini Brunello Di Montalcino
Rose wines
Rizman Rusula
Geržinić Rosé
Bolfan Libertin Rosé
Dessert wines
Geržinić Muškat Žuti
Edi Simčić Edijev Izbor 2004
Vintage wines
Blatina Plava Greda
Movia Modri Pinot
Movia Veliko Bijelo
(1997, 3 L)
Movia Veliko Bijelo
(2000, 3 L)
Movia Veliko Bijelo
(2001, 3 L)
Movia Veliko Bijelo
(2003, 3 L)
Movia Veliko Rdeče
(2000, 3 L)
Movia Veliko Rdeče
(2001, 3 L)
Champagne & Sparkling wines
Dom Pérignon
(Moët & Chandon - 2003)
Moët & Chandon Brut
Moët & Chandon Rosé
Movia Puro
Bottega Prosecco Brut
Carpineto Spumante Brut
Modri Pinot INAT vineyard
(Modri Pinot INAT vineyard)