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Bosnian handcrafted artwork and exhibitions

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Bosnian souvenirs and Exhibitions

Visit our Art Gallery and discover Bosnian handcrafted souvenirs engraved in our name, or take some times to appreciate works by local artists.

Husein Karišik ĆIBA - Paintings
Husein Karišik ĆIBA - Paintings

Ćiba Karišik was born in Sarajevo in 1959. As a grandson of two artists, he revealed his creative inheritance at an early age.
Invited to attend the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art, Ćiba completed his Bachelor and then his Master's degree in painting in 1985.
Already an established artist, the subsequent war in the early 90's played havoc to this artist's life, forcing him to eventually abandon his homeland to immigrate with his family to Canada.

For Ćiba, his world of painting reflects a philosophy characterized by a profound appreciation for the simple things life has to offer. Objects, interiors, and landscapes are recreated in detail sustained by a quiet mood of reflection. Often using a well trained ability in the trompe l'oeil technique, the artist sharpens his images to increase the tension of memory.
Since 1996, Ćiba Karišik has produced a steady body of work exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions every year.
His paintings have been collected in the Canada, the US, England and Europe.

Mahmud Latifić - Paintings and drawings